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Welcome to our shop – ‘The Refill Shed’ your local stop for conscious consumption.  Making your eco life easy

Creative Director at Amie Alissa Design, Founder of The Refill Shed

So what is ‘The Refill Shed’ all about?

Following a blog I wrote recently I sort of stumbled across an idea that I just couldn’t help myself but run with!!

A lot of us have had the time for reflection.  The time to sit and ponder.  To consider our shopping habits.  I for one have not really wanted to visit the shops, very much less inclined to do so.  SO we get to be inventive about how we shop, how we interact and how we develop and change our loves to become more sustainable.  To change the mindset being one of a more conscious consumption type of way and considering even more with responsible travel.  Especially holistic home hub and how we can live happily at home in our own space without the need or ability to go out.  Making friends with nature.  Interacting with our families using traditional methods.  More so than any other aspect is our ability to be ‘at one with ourselves’ and what we have.  Not needing more…

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 The main question that kept coming up was…What else can we do to make more sustainable changes in our lives to being more of the conscious consumer than anything else?  How do we stream our lives back to something more appropriate?

Still so many changes to make, but getting there every day.  It has led me to realise that if I can find these things perhaps others would love the chance to have these things available to them.  If it was easy and we could do it for you too, well that is a bonus isn’t it.  Makes life so much easier and you can live that conscious consumption dream too.

Amie Alissa Design Logo

So I decide that is exactly what we should do.  Amie Alissa Design should branch out as a Refill shop.  Why not?  I want to find the appropriate things to make me feel like I am living more holistically, better for everyone and we are sharing the messages, in fact it really makes sense to do it. 

What better thing to do to start off by getting the supplies that we need and then offering the service to others. 

So here we are as The Refill Shed! About time if you ask us…

We are also making big changes across our other brands and within our lifestyle to make more circular development strategies and zero waste options a norm in society. Campaigning for individuals and businesses to adopt a plastic free lifestyle and general practice.

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