Plastic Free July

Well what does that mean exactly?

Sorry firstly I would just like to take a minute to consider how we are even in July 2020?!  Wasn’t it only just my birthday in February!! Anyways that is what the calendar says so we better just go with it! In fact now July is nearly over, what!!

So plastic free July then?  At the moment there seems to be a day, a week, a month for everything.  Which I am not knocking, it’s just a little intense, especially for me as an empath.  It’s hard not to get terribly affected or effected by every single one of them.  I feel bad if I miss a ‘date’.  The guilt of not showing my appreciation for an important day is not cool.

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I would prefer it if I was a little less aware of things like that, make it easier to cope with every day life without the external pressure of days that if I don’t say something or make a point or signify it in some way that my world would not feel like it was crumbling around me because I missed it! 

Perhaps, just perhaps

That is me being dramatic, perhaps that is me just being me no holds barred.  It could just be that is how I or we are supposed to respond, we are supposed to feel something that brings about action that brings about doing something that may make a difference or a small potentially significant change.

Who decides these days exist? In what circles are the people that come up with these labels for days, weeks or months or even years? Where do they hang out? I’d like to meet them.  I would like to ask them about the why, the when, the where.  I’d love to know what makes them tick!

So a little disclaimer – usually most ‘special days’ are signified in some way by myself, whether I want too or not they are and have been in the past.  So don’t get me wrong its not like I am against them at all.  I just find it very overwhelming a lot of the time but never mind I’ll get over it hopefully!

We can all make a difference

You don’t need to worry too much though as it seems we have got you. If you are an eco beginner we can give you small easy steps to make to your lives if you do want to go plastic free. It is easy with a little bit of know how, a little bit of wanting to change and an extra dash of urgency to save the planet. Absolutely every little helps without a doubt!


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