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So…the reducing, the reusing, the recycling, the thinking more about how our actions have an impact and how to change simple things so we can feel like we, in our only small and meagre way can believe we truly are having a positive effect on the work around us.  

Right…now stop there, please do not get me wrong…do not mis-read this as me having a go, having a pop at your lack of effort, my effort, everyone’s effort. However I personally feel overwhelmed and at the same time utterly underwhelmed with how much I am doing and as per others that I know doing the same and yet we are left wanting.  Why is that? With an aching nagging lacking feeling on a daily basis, no scrap that, an hourly basis, nay by the minute or second sometimes that it is still not even close to being enough, not at all, not even a little bit.  

So…how to change that, how to increase the effort, how to better the mindset, how to reach the audience and most importantly of all, how to set the wheels in motion and create that action I and many of you crave and long for.

Now I always knew I thought a little differently to most people, sorry I mean the mass majority of the population and that I know for definite that I am in a minority with my worries for the bigger picture and my part within it.  I mean how can one person make a difference, apologies for my misunderstanding but why can’t one person make a difference.  I refuse to believe it…I flatly refuse. Lone souls must make a difference.

I was compelled through this business, this brand, this ethos that I was going to do something good, I am doing something good, I am making positive changes and advancements all the time.  I am thinking, planning and strategising how we can help do our little bit and primarily do more of it, a lot more. Quicker, sooner, faster and it definitely feels good making the strides I am. It does. 

I wish that it was enough. It is not (for me personally) and I know that I can do more.  I have to ask myself how much does this mean to me?! How much indeed? It means everything, it encompasses everything I stand for, all the things I believe in.  The way I live my life is what the brand means, it’s what it can do.  It is life, it is living, its meaning, it is everything that we fear and it is all that I and we all aspire to be.

In my mind I have always (weirdly so in many ways) thought that I, yes me, am here on this planet to make a difference…I mean make a really big difference. Seriously who thinks like that!  I have dreamt of starting a revolution, a rebellion, actioning something that really meant more.

Well I never quite knew why or what form that would come in until now. 

So…here it is, this has been what I/WE have been leading up to..every step taken, every thought, every change is leading to the point I have reached when I am now ready to put my total and utter faith in to it, my faith in others and ready for the movement, the shift that is about to take place.  I only hope I can do my ideas justice, think big and not play small anymore…

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Hope to catch up with some of you soon, until then, keep thinking and acting and believing…amie x

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